Islamic Education Centre for Women IEC

Islamic Education Centre for Women (R) was established under the Trust Acts of Karnataka state government which is registered as nonprofit making organization.

The principle reason for establishing it was for the propagation of Islam among Muslims and non-Muslims and it specifically focuses on Muslim women as they are lacking in authentic Islamic knowledge. A woman is a caretaker of her house and her family. It is in her hands to mould the upcoming generation into better human beings and righteous Muslims. Hence by focusing on the teenage girls and women, we are only attempting to produce a better Muslim generation through Islamic education with greater emphasis on personality development by taking Prophet Muhammad (Sallallahu alaihi wa sallam) as our role model. It trains young girls and women on how intellectually and emotionally they can excel in their day to day life etiquettes by taking Quraan and Sunnah as their only Guide. Our mission is to focus on the Success of the Hereafter.

Get your kids enrolled today to make them the leaders of the Muttaqoon (the pious), In shaa Allah Click Here for more detail.

We are pleased to announce that the admission for our ongoing classes at Dar ul Ayman (for sisters) and Huda Islamic School (for boys) has begun. Please make a note of the various classes undertaken in our Madrasas for more details Click Here

Please participate in our struggle for spreading the message of Qu'ran by contributing generously for this programme.May Allah accept all ourefforts Ameen.


Aalim and Aalima Courses( Taleem-ul-Sharia)
Quran Memorising Courses (Tahfeez-ul-Quran)
Islamic Studies (Taleem-ul-Islam)
Tafseer of Quran (Taleem-ul-Kitab)
Classes in Aqeedah
Classes in Tajweed
Al-Naml Network
Weekend Lectures

Organizes and Conducts Public talks of International Scholars and Orators

  • I.O.U Centre (Centre for Dr. Bilal Philip's Islamic Online University)
  • Islamic Multimedia Centre
  • Islamic Book Store
  • Islamic Library
  • Islamic Research Centre
  • Islamic Co-Curricular Activities